Empathy Intervention – Michael Cipolletti

Last weekend I was invited to perform with my band for a Halloween party. We had played a show the weekend prior and it went very well so I was excited to perform again. Unfortunately one of the members in our band has a girlfriend. During a practice for the halloween show he received a call from his girlfriend. She told him that she was planning to go to LA for Halloween and wanted him to go with her. When he told us this we were furious! We were saying break up with her, she doesn’t even like music, forget about her. He got really mad and left practice. After the show passed and we didn’t play I realized that it wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought. I tried thinking what if I had a girlfriend that asked me to do the same. After going over it in my head i realized that I might have made the same exact decision that he did. I called him on Sunday and apologized for insulting him and his girlfriend.

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