Empathy Intervention – Evan Brees

Over the past summer I had the opportunity to work at my local “Cold Stone”, an Ice Cream Creamery. Given that our location required us workers to do tricks with our ice cream when mixing it, or sing while serving, it was normal for us to receive a small tip for each customer we served. This of course was factored into our paycheck and we were paid minimum wage. Over time of course I got to the point I almost expected a tip and got very angry, truthfully furious, when customers wouldn’t tip after I did one of my best tricks or served them extra. However after going to a restaurant for dinner one night, I realized I wasn’t going to have enough cash to leave a decent tip. In this moment it stuck me that my customers, despite whatever trick I preform or accommodation I provide them, they might not be able to afford a tip, let alone the expensive price coldstone already charges for ice cream. Now going forward form this, that disappointment of a zero dollar tip still exists, however I’ve learned to take a step back and think about it. Because that customer might have something going on right now financially, or they even could just be distracted and forget to tip. While my personal philosophy will always keep me tipping, I am able to now understand why one might might not tip and still respect the restaurant workers.

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