Amalia Dummett Self Intervention

Last year, one of my friends and I were getting fed up with our other friends. We were getting annoyed with her and we started gossiping about her to each other. We over-amplified everything she said to us. She would annoy us, and we would judge her for things we said about her crushes and her personal decisions. I think the main thing I regret was judging her about her college decision. This girl had been accepted into Cal Poly, UCLA, and many other colleges, but she decided to go to the University of New Mexico. My other friend and I judged her for it because she could have gone to a better college that had a higher ranking. However, I should have had more empathy for her because her family was struggling financially and her only choice was to go to the University of New Mexico because otherwise, she would have gone into a large amount of debt. Looking from her side, it made a lot more sense to go to New Mexico. Next time I start to judge someone’s decision, I will look at their perspective and try to understand it from their side.

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