Empathy Intervention- Ravneet Pannu

For the past few weeks, I’ve found myself judging liberal arts and business majors pretty harshly when they complain about workload or homework. I used to get irritated when they would complain, since most STEM majors have it much harder. Living in a dorm that consists of almost all liberal arts majors also doesn’t help, because honestly I get jealous when they have so much free time, and a lot of times I’ve thought to myself “why would you even come to Cal Poly if you were just going to be a liberal arts major?”. However, when I look back at that thought now, and place myself in their positions, I realized that I was letting jealousy cloud my judgement of them. They came to this university to study what they love, and get a degree in what they’re passionate about from a good college, just like STEM majors, and just like me. It’s no one’s fault that our workloads or free times vary,. From now on, I won’t be quick to judge when a history major vents to me about their homework, because we’re all in the same boat and all knew what we signed up for.

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