Empathy Intervention- Ben Garlock

When I was at the farmers market last week, I was enjoying some food with my friends and while we were eating, a group of dancers with really tight close, of all genders and backgrounds, came out and started dancing out on the street to some music. As they were walking out, I immediately began to judge them and “otherized” them negatively. They were all wearing tight leather clothes and provocative clothing, which I myself would never wear, that’s why I was judging them. Looking back at it, I realized that I was judging them because they are different and doing something that I deemed weird, but maybe it’s not for them. Looking through their eyes, maybe the dancing and the clothing was an outlet for them to express themselves. Maybe the dancing was a way to be apart of something and it’s something that they really enjoy. Maybe it’s their passion going out there and performing for people. What I got from this was that you shouldn’t judge people for what makes them happy. It may not be something that appeals to you, but that doesn’t mean someone else isn’t allowed to enjoy it.

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