The Feelings of Someone Else – Tony Zhu

Romance is a thing most people would like to experience. However, it isn’t always such a straightforward concept. My roommate has been wanting to get into a relationship. The problem is is that he has feelings for two different girls. Both of them have suit his liking, and so he can’t decide who to go for. At first I was internally scoffing at him, considering that all he would ever talk about was having sex, so why would he be concerned about who he got into a relationship with? Even though I initially dismissed his concerns, it still stuck with me, and once I got off my high horse, I realize that I am not much different than he is. There were a few times where I had rather deep feelings for more than one person, and that really does make me feel like I’ve been put on an impasse. No matter what their habits they have, perhaps making light of their feelings isn’t the best thing to do.

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