Empathy Intervention – Trevor Foley

I was in LA this last weekend, and while I was down there I noticed myself negatively judging some of the wealthier people for showing off their wealth in various ways. For example, some chose to wear ridiculously expensive branded clothes that weren’t particularly flattering simply to flex on everyone else. I thought it was quite vain, however, so many people wear those types of clothes down there that I was forced to reconsider. Upon reflection I realized that to them those weren’t “rich people clothes.” In the eyes of one of these people, these were just the “average” clothes that everyone was wearing (regardless of price). To them, I was probable a standout as someone who was wearing intentionally cheap clothes to make myself appear different in some way. So while I may never understand the price, I think it’s possible to understand where these people are coming from with their expensive clothing and not judge them for it.

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