Empathy Intervention – Ethan Sanekane

Last week I accidentally bumped into someone as I walked passed them and I quickly apologized. However, this person gave me and angry look and stormed off. I thought this person was very rude and inconsiderate because I said “sorry” very politely and bumped into this person completely by mistake. After my “empathy intervention,” I reflected on the situation and realized I was too quick to judge someone based on one interaction. This person could’ve easily been having a bad day or was in a bad mood — or maybe this person perceived my bump as purposeful. This person must’ve felt slightly annoyed with what I did. I’ve felt this way when I was in a bad mood and any small thing someone did would slightly anger me. Either way, I still think this person responded poorly to the situation, but I definitely won’t judge this person’s entire character based off of this one incident anymore.

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