Empathy Intervention – Catrina Villalpando

The other day, I was sitting and listening to music when I realized my friend had become very aggravated with something her sister had done to her room back home. I thought to myself, out of all the things to become aggravated with, was this really something she felt deserved her time and energy? I thought, you don’t talk to your sister often, so why would you want to fight with her over something minuscule. In this moment, I caught myself, judging, not actually putting myself in the shoes of my friend, who may have other things going on in her life. Things that may actually be the reason why she is responding differently to situations coming up around her. I had to take the time to reliaze that this happens much too quickly, we have to be able to stop and listen to others around us and how they are feeling and why they may react a certain way to a situation, that you may see as unreasonable.

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