Empathy Intervention – Brandon Lyday

On Friday, I was driving and had to merge onto Highway 101. There was a car in the right lane going at a speed that was much faster than I could reach while still in the entrance/exit lane. I needed to merge here but didn’t want to cause an accident, so I slowed down instead of speeding up. The person behind me did not like this very much and decided to honk at me. I quickly dismissed him as a idiot who didn’t realize neither of us could merge. Then I checked my rearview mirror, and I could see he was upset and that his son was sitting next to him. I hadn’t considered his situation. Perhaps they were late to something important, or maybe they didn’t want to merge at all and just wanted to use the entrance/exit area has a quick shortcut. And If I put myself in his situation, I too would be upset if the car in front of me slowed down in an area where I expected it to speed up. In avoiding one accident, I could have caused another if he didn’t notice I was breaking.

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