Empathy Intervention – Sabian Jackson

Every other day I overhear my roommate talking to his mother about school and what he is currently doing.  When talking to his mother my roommate has a very short temper and becomes really irritated with his mother.  Every time I hear him talking to his mother I think to myself, how could someone have such a short fuse with their mother and talk to her the way he does, I definitely wouldn’t.  Hopefully this doesn’t sound too extreme.  My roommate isn’t full on yelling and shouting at his mother, but he does raise his voice to her.  Usually when I hear him talking to his mother I relate to how I would talk to my mother, which is something I shouldn’t do.  I shouldn’t compare others to myself since we all have different experience throughout out lives.  I thought maybe he grew up very strictly compared to how I was raised.  Maybe his relationship with his mother isn’t as close as my relationship with my mother.  I am not trying to compare our lives and figure out who had the better mother or the better childhood, but rather this moment was another lesson about comparing people to each other.  We all come form different backgrounds and environments than comparing each other isn’t a sufficient way to realizing who someone really is.

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