Empathy Intervention – Joshua Rizzolo

Recently, I have been having a lot of problems with one of my professors (not Pete). I completely disagree with his teaching style and I feel that his class is a waste of my time and energy. However, I really neglected to consider why he would ever structure a class the way he does until the most recent lecture. We have a project due soon that I had previously view as entirely asinine, but during class he said something to the effect of “You can do anything for this project, even just make some dinky blinking lights and that’s good enough, but what I am really trying to do with this assignment is build your portfolio. So, when a potential employer asks you about your project history you can at least show them this.” I had never even considered that the assignments he gave us that seemed useless or easily circumvented were designed that way so only those thinking ahead or those really dedicated to the major and the work would do them and reap the rewards.

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