Empathy Intervention – Dimitri Charitou

Last weekend, an acquaintance of mine texted me to ask for help on a project we were doing in our computer science class. At the time, I was very preoccupied with studying for a philosophy midterm. However, I told her I would help debug her code and explain the concepts to her. Later that day, another friend in computer science found me studying in Baker and ask me to help her on the same project. I started becoming a little irritated because I had to spend time explaining a concept to another person when I should have been studying for my philosophy midterm. Finally, around 7pm, a close friend asked me to help him on the same project. I decided to help him, as well. However, when I was helping my friend, I realized that I was being VERY passive aggressive to him. I only observed this the next day. I noticed that if I was in a position of confusion in my class, with the deadline for my assignment getting close, I would also want my friends to help me on my project. I felt like this in a similar situation when another friend raised his voice at me after I continuously asked him questions for a lab. The way I felt then must be the way I made my friends feel. It is very discouraging when you’re stressed about a project and your friends are mean to you, but you don’t understand why. I apologized to him and told him that if I was ever being passive aggressive to please let me know so I can stop.

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