Empathy Intervention – Tanvi Kharkar

Living with two other roommates can be quite challenging, especially since I have always been privileged enough to have had my own room and space for my entire life. I told myself that I would spend as little time studying in my room as possible, and rather spend the majority of my weekdays in the library or some other quiet place to do homework. However, my mindset quickly changed and I found that I was most comfortable doing homework and studying in my room because I had my own space. I quite often find myself working long hours into the night and, having two roommates can be challenging at this time. Recently, one of my roommates asked to turn the lights off while I was still doing homework so that she could go to sleep. Because this was a valid reason and it was late at night, I agreed of course, and then found myself studying under the light of my lamp. However, the next morning she told me that the light from my lamp kept her from falling asleep, to which I found myself not knowing how to respond. I thought to myself, “How else does she expect me to study if I can’t have the room lights on or my personal lamp light?” But, since I live in a triple and was privileged enough to get the bottom bunk bed, I then realized that I never experienced a light shining directly into my eyes as I tried to sleep since I was low enough to the ground where it was not as big as a problem. From this incident, I learned to empathize with my roommate and often try to finish my work as early as possible, or work in public spaces, so that I do not have to keep my light on at night and keep her from falling asleep.

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