Empathy Intervention – Sharon Ng

My roommates and I usually get along pretty well, but living in a small room with two other people sometimes can get annoying. Finding a time that is absolutely quiet is rare. This week, as I was about to sleep, one of them decided to put away all her clothes and start typing her paper afterwards. She also continued to complain to me about her life and asked for advice as I passively laid in my bed ready to sleep. I thought to myself “is this girl really gonna do this right now?” and texted some of my other friends about how annoyed I was about the situation. At the moment, I was really tired and upset that she would be so noisy opening and closing drawers, hitting the hangers against the back of her wardrobe, ceaselessly typing loudly, and most of all disturbing me with her menial problems like what she should wear the next day or how she should edit her Instagram picture. Later the next day I thought about it again. Although it wasn’t the best decision to start doing all her chores as I was about to get ready for bed, it needed to get done eventually. From her perspective, she probably didn’t consider that she was being quite loud and disturbing me when I wanted to sleep. We’re all first years and used to having our own rooms so she used to be able to do whatever whenever. I know some people just aren’t as considerate as others naturally and it’s not her fault that she needed to do her homework. In addition, she must have thought I would have good advice if she wanted to get my opinion. Even though I internally hated her for a solid five hours, seeing things from her point of view made me less upset.

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