Empathy intervention: Carlos Hinojoza

This was a pretty difficult topic for me to figure out but I believe I showed empathy with my roommates two weekends ago. My buddy came down for the weekend and as soon as he met my roommates, I knew my roommates were a little skeptical about him. I knew they were judging him by how the way he looks and just how his personality was. He may come off as an “asshole” but he’s a good guy. Anyways it did not get better. We ended up going to the bar that night and when we came back we were rowdy. My buddy was being obnoxious, shouting and being a pain. My roommates woke up to the rowdiness and did not appreciate what ruckus was going on at 2:30 am. The next day my roommates were mad at my buddy for being a douche and not respecting them. I thought they were being judgmental over someone they just met. They gave him no chance at the beginning they were already being judgmental of him. I thought about what happened and put myself in their shoes so I can see how my roommates think he was being disrespectful. I agree that my buddy and I could’ve been a lot more quiet and not have drank as much alcohol. I just don’t agree on why they don’t like him after one incident. If anything my roommates are the ones that are being judgmental and rude towards him.

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