Empathy Intervention – Matthew Nelson

This week I spent a lot of time thinking about what I could apply this empathy intervention assignment too until a group mate of mine gave me the perfect opportunity. This quarter I have group projects and presentations in every class at least once a week. In my Business 310 class we have been put into small groups of 2-3 and have been working on product designs for a startup. My group member and I have been evenly working on the project until last week he stopped coming to class and contributing to the google drive. At first I was very irritated my group member for not doing any of the work for the week and forcing me to complete it, but he later informed me that one of his close family members had passed away and that he was out of town for the week. Obviously this a very drastic situation and a terrible tragedy, but It helped me realize that I shouldn’t be quick to snap and be angry with my group members because i have no idea what kind of personal troubles they could be facing. This project helped me reflect on the rest of my group projects and when I get easily angered with many of them I need to step back and look through there eyes.

-Matthew Nelson

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