Stupid Freshman? We’ve all been there

This past weekend, I was on call for my job as an RA. This was “Halloweekend” so there were a lot of things happening around the dorms and SLO to celebrate the festivities. I feel like half of my job sometimes is questioning why Freshman are so stupid. Like why would you leave your door open with an empty handle of vodka on the table? The world may never know. This thought process is however is where I caught myself “otherizing” people. I think it’s really easy to think you are invincible as long as nothing happens. I can imagine a freshman who cares a great deal about partying thinks its the most important thing would otherize me as someone who might “write them up” for drinking in the residence halls. This is where I took the opportunity to really think about how I could act and what I could say to reduce the “otherizing” of me as the RA. I really empathize with those who get in trouble. Like I don’t want to get them in trouble but its my job. Sometimes they understand and sometimes they don’t. It just it.

-Madison Weatherford

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