Empathy Intervention — Harry Yan

On Monday this week, I had no idea how I suppose to do this empathy intervention after I met this guy while I was riding my bike home. I turned right after Murray and cruising down on Chorro, as I was ready to turn another left, this guy with a white but dirty tank top, a pair of dirty khaki shorts, and a pair of broken black sandals was calling for me saying “You remember me bro, can you help me?” I was shocked as I was thinking he is a homeless and probably on some drug. The first thought of me was going away quickly since my house was only 20 meters away from me. And I did what I thought. I arrived at home and there was a strong repent of me not doing anything and going away from him. He might be in need of some kind of help which I can easily help him. I decided I would do this intervention on the homeless, and I made my mind that if I saw a homeless, I would communicate with them and at least say “how are you?”. I did see two homeless after Monday on Foothill, I said “how are you?” to one of them and he was nodding his head and was showing a little bit of a smile. This let me think deeply. I still remember the first time I encountered with a homeless in high school in mission class. We communicated with them and leaned about their life. People usually think homeless of alcoholics and drug addicts. I did too before. But really, they are like our brothers and sisters who has difficulties right now with their life. They were willing and so excited when we were talking with them. Not only the food and the accommodation are needed for them, the most important thing is communication which is the love from our heart. They rarely talk to people, so when people talk to them, they feel that they are loved by people and at least somebody cares about them and wants to spend time with them. I will continue this intervention and challenge myself to do more for them.

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